Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update Because California

Its been a really busy couple of months. I'm now back in California. Boulder has been my home for the past several months. I got side tracked on art for a while because I started to train for climbing and was really into that. But I did manage to do a bunch of art pieces on the side. Mainly gifts. I do have a bunch of sketchbook stuff for later.

At first I drew some of my friend's family for a Christmas gift. She moved to Boulder and was a little homesick, so I drew her folks and sister to make her feel better.

I painted this on a plank of wood for a secret Santa gift exchange I did. The theme was three random words: Dinosaur, Liar, Raven. So I painted a siren that had the head of a raven and parts of a dinosaur. Sirens sing sailors to shipwreck so they are in essence lying to their victims. And I painted it on a plank of wood that I burned and beat up as if it was part of a ship that crashed due to sirens. I had a lot of fun doing this piece.

My friend Sherod I met out in boulder. It was his birthday and he wanted me to draw him. So i put Al Capone's hat on his head.

My climbing training team. I wanted to give a gift to my two coaches as a going away deal. It was really challenging to get everyone's completions correct! But very rewarding. I miss that crew already.

I drew a portrait of my friend Cassidy for his birthday. He likes monsters and scary things, so I made him ugly. It was really fun to work with.

And finally, I didn't do this piece but it was my gift I received from my old teacher Dave Yee, I was really lucky to have him as my secret Santa because this gift is AMAZING!!

More stuff to come, but I need to get a little bit situated in life first!

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