Monday, October 1, 2012

More stuff!

Haven't updated in a bit, so heres a bunch of stuff:

These were just some sketches that I drew up for a friend who wanted some drawings to accompany his poem for his creative writing class. It was fun to work on. The one with the kid reminds me of my friend Tim Tang's drawings. He is an amazing illustrator, you should checkout his work. 

I felt the need to mess around in photoshop a while back, so I scanned a drawing of the bird guy I did earlier when coming up with the design and did a quick paint for fun. 

It was my friend's birthday, she told me she wanted to be a cartoon character, so I tried.

The other painting we bought at a garage sale that I painted over. Its silly, but was fun.

And this guy. I finally animated him and added some effects. Learned a lot about organizing files in flash and cool little effects to enhance stuff. Took a while to do, but was worth it. On to the next one. The design of this guy, by the way, is from these guys. The drawing/animation is what I did.

Also the film is coming closer to a finish so hopefully I can get a teaser trailer or something up sometime.

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